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you dont need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

dig it?

queen bea
14 November
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abandon buildings, ac/dc, agaist me, alice in wonderland, antiques, autographs, band pins, bands, bank robbers, barefeet, beastie boys, belle and sabastian, ben kweller, bikes, billy idol, book stores, bracelets, bran van 3000, bright eyes, buttons, catch phrases, cats stevens, charlie brown, checkerboards, coffee, collage, comics, cooking, cowboy hats, cowgirl hats, cowgirls, dance, dark chocolate, david bowie, donnie darkco, dorks, drawing, dreaming, driving, fall, fast cars, fugazi, glass coca cola bottels, graffiti, guitar picks, guitars, hearts, i hate myself, iggy pop, incubus, interpol, itunes, johnny cash, journalism, joy division, kisses, las vegas, laughing, leaves, letters, lighting bolt, mail, message boards, mirah, modest mouse, morrissey, muse, music, musicals, new york city, newspapers, nighttime, notebooks, old cars, old pennies, orchid, paint, paper, patches, philip roth, photobooths, photography, pins, pirates, pixies, poems, polaroids, polka dots, postcards, posters, pretty in pink, q and not u, quotes, radiohead, randomness, road trips, robots, rubber ducks, sex pistols, sharpies, shopping, singing, sleeping late, smiles, snail mail, spiderman, squats, submission hold, superheros, surprises, swing dancing, talking heads, tea, terminal youth, thai food, the 80’s, the beatles, the breakfast club, the church, the clash, the cure, the fait, the police, the rain, the smiths, the used, the weakerthans, thrift shops, traveling, tucker, typewriters, vegitarianism, vintage, vinyl, world inferno friendship society, writeing, x-men, yard sales, yeah yeah yeahs, you & i